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Whether purchasing a home or leasing a commercial space move-in ready is what buyers demand.

84% of all buyers this year (2017) utilized information they found online a crucial part of their home search- National Association of Realtors

Listings must catch the shoppers’s eye when they are searching online.

Deloitte’s Commercial Industry Outlook report says 6 out of 7 of the CRE key enablers for growth are internet / technology based.

Consequently, the chance of your listing making a client’s top-10 list is remote without the right preparation for the presentation.

Odds it will be one of the six properties they view live before making their final decision are minuscule if what they see does not match their priorities.

Conversely, heartstrings get pulled when the life they aspire to in the home of their dreams is presented in living color.

Display how a business will work in a space, save time and reduce expenses while increasing revenue for property owners, too.  It is a win-win for everyone to stage medical offices, lobbies, waiting rooms or any business space on the market.

You will outshine the competition when your listings present a market-ready showcase for photos, videos and live presentations by a CSP International Elite Staging Professional.


Buyers fall in love and the sale begins the moment they see the life they dream about right before their eyes.

  • Higher sale prices
  • Save time
  • Lower marketing expenses
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Showing prospective tenants how their business will look in a space puts the pen in their hand to sign the lease.

  • Minimal investment
  • New revenue opportunity
  • Shortened sales cycle
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