Home Staging Savings Calculator

There are still people who remain unconvinced about the various benefits of staging a home for sale. Aside from helping home sellers sell their real estate faster by providing a more attractive image of their property to prospective buyers, home staging helps sellers save money that would be spent maintaining the property for the duration that it stays on the market. To have a better understanding of how home staging can save you money, take a look at this online application called the RESA home staging savings calculator.

Here are the steps on how to use the online staging savings calculator to see how much money you could be saving by signing up for a home staging service:

1. Click the ‘Home Staging Savings Calculator’ button below. You will automatically be redirected to the application itself. (Courtesy of Real Estate Staging Association)

Home Staging Savings Calculator

2. On the first column, enter your current monthly mortgage amount.

3. On the second column, enter your total monthly carrying costs. These costs usually include residential taxes, utilities, HOA dues, and insurance.

4. On the third column, enter the total number of months on market when the home was unstaged. This is the average number of months a home stays on the market in your neighborhood. Get in touch with your real estate agent or check out your area’s most recent real estate statistics online to find out the average length of time that homes stay on the market.

5. On the fourth column, enter reduction in months when staged. To get this number, multiply the number you entered in the previous step by 0.73. RESA statistics state that on average a home sells 73% faster when staged.

6. On the fifth column, enter the total staging fees that you are expecting to pay for your home.

7. Click Calculate to see the results.

Interpreting Your Results


The calculator provides two different figures at the bottom related to your inquiry: Cost to List Unstaged and Savings When Staged First.

  • Cost to List Unstaged: This figure provides a general estimate of the amount of money you will be spending for your home while it stays listed on the property market without going through a staging process.
  • Savings When Staged First: This figure is the projected amount of money you can save when you have your property staged first. This figure relies heavily on the recent RESA study that indicates staged homes sell 73% faster than unstaged properties.

Viewing the Staging Savings Calculator isn’t the only reference to see the benefits of home staging. Check out more about the benefits of choosing proper home repairs and the RESA Consumer Guide to Real Estate Staging to find out more positive outcomes of this practice.

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